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Skin-Care Tips 
Follow these skin-care tips to maximize skin benefits and minimize the risk of sun exposure:

  • Follow a daily routine - we recommend AM application in the morning and PM application in the evening. Systematic daily protection and moisturization will optimize results.
  • Continue regular use - in all seasons. Increase the use of PM in the winter, to aid in moisturization and increase the use of AM in the summer, to aid sun-protection. In periods of prolonged sun exposure or during the peak sun season, we recommend AM Ultra SPF 15+ over the daily AM SPF 8 moisturizer to get maximum sun protection.
  • Pre-Shave - PM lotion is a great pre-shave for men (and on legs for women) to minimize skin irritation.
  • Moisten first - slightly moisten your face prior to application to increase moisturization and improve the the spread of the lotion on your skin.
  • Re-Apply - AM sun-protection is mild enough to re-apply whenever you need it. We recommend re-applying after exercise or bathing or anytime you plan to spend an extended period in the sun. We recommend AM Waterproof if you plan any strenuous or water related activities.
  • Apply in hair direction - apply all lotions in the same direction as hair. This prevents inflammation of the hair follicle for those with sensitive skin.

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